Michael's Story

Specific lifestyle changes that Michael made in his life include dietary changes and use of nutrient supplementation; physical activity including high-intensity interval training, aerobic exercise, and yoga; as well as chiropractic and meditation to support all three aspects of overall wellness--physical, chemical, and emotional. Over ten years later since making this health transformation, he is the healthiest and happiest version of himself. More importantly, the experience helped him to discover his passion and life mission to share his knowledge with the community.  He wants everyone to have access to learn and understand the power of nutrition and other lifestyle factors in maintaining a high quality of life, from infancy through the senior years.
Michael experienced a major life-changing event at age 28 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. While it was no walk in the park at the time, he now considers himself lucky to have experienced this event. He quickly realized that changing his lifestyle was the only option for reducing his risk of acquiring additional chronic diseases down the road, including the recurrence of cancer.
Michael has a bachelor's degree in Biology from SUNY Farmingdale State College and a master's degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Prior to his work as a clinical nutritionist, he worked as a clinical laboratory technologist, specializing in cancer genetics, in several New York hospitals and commercial labs. More importantly, his skill in filtering reliable research to formulate the best nutrition protocols for clients is like no other.
Michael Yurich