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How Our Services Work

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Personalized Nutrition Coaching:
  • 1:1 virtual counseling tailored to your specific nutritional needs
  • Together we will work on establishing dietary goals (this is not a static, but rather a fluid process), set up a supplement protocol (if warranted), and help you to maintain accountability in your health journey
  • You can pay for individual sessions (based on your personal needs and goals)
  • Or you may choose to pay for a package of 6 sessions over a 6-month timeframe (i.e. 1 session per month for 6 months)
  • Many clients decide to stay with nutritional counseling for 6 months (and often longer) because they appreciate the accountability factor in reaching their goals
  • Transforming lifestyle habits and establishing true health and wellness is a marathon, not a sprint!
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Functional Laboratory Testing Offered:
  • Functional labs are not for diagnostic purposes, but rather give great insights into your unique biochemistry
  • Functional labs may include:
--> your nutrient status (e.g.  vitamin and mineral levels)
--> your toxic burden (e.g. heavy metal and mycotoxin levels)
--> detailed fatty acid, lipid, and hormone profiles
--> immune markers and IgG-related food sensitivity levels
--> and many other very helpful biochemical markers
  • Testing usually helps us to eliminate the guess work and to more accurately personalize your nutrition plan

Nutritional Supplement Accounts:
  • Are you mainly interested in gaining access to the best quality nutritional 
    supplements to maintain your already-rock-solid lifestyle?
  • Schedule a one-time consultation and we will get you set up with a FullScript account which will offer you better pricing compared with Amazon and other online retailers
  • Supplement distributors that you will have access to include:
--> Designs for Health
--> Microbiome Labs
--> Biocidin Botanicals
--> Biotics Research
--> Pure Encapsulations
--> Standard Process
--> Metagenics
--> and many more

Areas Of Focus

Image by Bekir Dönmez
General Health and Wellness
Image by Milada Vigerova
Gastrointestinal Health
Image by Diana Polekhina
Body Composition
Hormonal Imbalances & Fertility
Image by Jellybee
Chronic and Inflammatory Diseases
Image by julien Tromeur
Methylation, Nutrigenomics, and Longevity

Plans and Packages

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