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How Our Services Work

TFN currently offers 2 main service plans--the Maintenance Plan and the Extended Plan.

The Maintenance Plan is pay-as-you-go.
Some clients only require a couple of visits and are good to go. Other clients are seeking on-going support and 

The Extended Plan includes a one-time initial consultation (about 90 minutes) plus 6 follow-up visits (40 minutes per session). The follow-up sessions may also be broken up into shorter, more frequent meetings, depending on individual circumstances.

Your communications with Michael will help you to get more clarity on details regarding individual plans.
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The Maintenance Plan Includes:
1. Consultations, as needed (60 minutes per session)

The investment for this plan is $247 per each consultation.

You may feel that you will only need a small number (e.g. 1~3) of consultations to reach your desired health and nutrition goals.

This plan is mainly recommended for clients who are already on the path to great health and simply want some general tips to break through to the next level of wellness and / or to set up an account for getting access to quality pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.
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The Extended Plan Includes:

​* Twelve sessions total, over 6 months (approximately 2 weeks apart)

* Initial consultation (first session -- approximately 75 minutes)

*Eleven follow-up consultations (approximately 35 minutes per session)

The investment for The Extended Plan is $1497.00 (USD)
or $1347.00 if paid in full 

This plan is mainly recommended for individuals with more complex circumstances and for those looking for more consistent accountability. It is recommended to do at least one session per month over six months, but this pattern may vary according to individual needs. We will discuss and see what works best for you.
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*Some cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment (please inquire)                           
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