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Welcome to Tribeca Functional Nutrition!

At Tribeca Functional Nutrition, we approach nutritional care through a functional and holistic perspective. Whether you are confused around what to eat,  or you desire to lose excess weight, or you are dealing with a chronic health condition that may benefit from a quality nutrition plan, the services at Tribeca Functional Nutrition can have a huge impact on you and your life. If you are simply looking to maintain your current health status and would like access to the highest quality nutritional supplements, we have your back here as well.
About Tribeca Functional Nutrition 


Our Clinic Services

Your first consultation at Tribeca Functional Nutrition, typically via virtual meeting, will be longer than what you are used to with your conventional healthcare visits. In this time together, we will discuss your very unique personal history as it pertains to environment (such as diet, work, and lifestyle), medical, family, social, etc. We will perform a comprehensive review of your past and current health records (blood work, etc.). Your nutrition consultation will also include conversations about your readiness or willingness for creating transformation around certain habits and behaviors.

The information collected during this nutrition consultation will be analyzed for potential underlying factors that may be contributing to your current health status. Our time together during this visit and future visits will help us determine the most personalized and effective nutritional strategies and interventions for you. Developing a nutrition plan is a very collaborative process and we cannot do it without you! To learn more about functional medicine and nutrition, please read further at The TFN Philosophy and FAQ. Still have additional questions? Book your free 15 minute consultation to decide if Tribeca Functional Nutrition is right for you.

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