How Our Services Work

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Personalized Nutrition Coaching:
  • 1:1 virtual counseling tailored to your specific nutritional needs
  • Together we will work on establishing dietary goals (this is not a static, but rather a fluid process), set up a supplement protocol (if warranted), and help you to maintain accountability in your health journey
  • There is a 3-visit minimum for nutrition counseling (1 initial consultation and 2 follow-up visits over the course of 3 months). Please see our Plans and Packages below
  • Many clients choose to stick with counseling for 6 months (and often longer)
  • Transforming lifestyle habits and establishing true health and wellness is a marathon, not a sprint!
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Functional Laboratory Testing Offered:
  • Functional labs are not for diagnostic purposes, but rather give great insights into your unique biochemistry
  • Functional labs may include:
--> your nutrient status (e.g.  vitamin and mineral levels)
--> your toxic burden (e.g. heavy metal and mycotoxin levels)
--> detailed fatty acid and lipid profiles
--> Immune markers and IgG-related food sensitivity levels
--> and many other very helpful biochemical markers
  • Testing usually helps us to eliminate the guess work and to more accurately personalize your nutrition plan

Nutritional Supplement Accounts:
  • Are you mostly interested in gaining access to the best quality nutritional 
    supplements to maintain your already-rock-solid lifestyle?
  • Schedule a one-time consultation and we will get you set up with a FullScript account which will offer you much better pricing compared with Amazon
     and other online retailers
  • Supplement distributors that you will have access to include:
--> Designs for Health
--> Microbiome Labs
--> Biocidin Botanicals
--> Biotics Research
--> Pure Encapsulations
--> Integrative Therapeutics
--> Metagenics
--> and many more

Areas Of Focus

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General Health and Wellness
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Gastrointestinal Health
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Body Composition
Hormonal Imbalances & Fertility
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Chronic and Inflammatory Diseases
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Methylation, Nutrigenomics, and Longevity

Plans and Packages

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The Maintenance Plan Includes:
1. Consultations, as needed (30 minutes per session)

The investment for this plan is $85 per consultation.

This plan is mainly recommended for individuals who are already on the path to great health and simply want some general tips to break through to the next level of wellness and / or access to quality pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.
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*Some cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment (please inquire)  
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The Extended Plan Includes:
* Initial Consultation (1 hour and 30 minutes, one-time session)
*Six follow-up sessions (40 minutes per session)

The investment for this plan is $650

This plan is mainly recommended for individuals with more complex circumstances and for those looking for more consistent accountability. It is recommended to do at least one session per month over six months, but this pattern may vary according to individual needs. We will discuss and see what works best for you.