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Hello and welcome, at Tribeca Functional Nutrition we approach nutritional care through a functional and holistic perspective. Whether you are confused around what to eat,  or you desire to lose excess weight, or you are dealing with a chronic health condition, the number one goal of our services is to have a long-term impact on you and your life.
About Tribeca Functional Nutrition 

Tribeca Functional Nutrition was founded by Michael Yurich in 2018, after he completed the Human Nutrition master's program at the University of Bridgeport and he has been serving the community ever since. Michael is truly passionate about working with and alongside you in your unique journey. Read more about TFNabout Michael, and about the TFN philosophy. You can also browse our FAQ to learn more.

Our Clinic Services

Nutrition consultations at Tribeca Functional Nutrition, typically via virtual meeting, last approximately 60 minutes per session. In our time together during the first consultation, we will discuss your very unique personal histories--environmental, medical, family, social, etc. We will perform a comprehensive review of your past and / or current lab results (blood work, etc.). If applicable, your nutrition consultation will also include conversations about your readiness or willingness for creating transformation around certain habits and behaviors.


Our time together during your initial and subsequent visits will help us determine the most personalized and effective nutritional strategies and interventions for you. Developing a nutrition plan is a very collaborative process and we cannot do it without you! You can learn more here about how our services work, our specialty areas of focus, what types of nutritional testing that we offer, and how our service plans and packages work.


Book your free 20-minute consultation to decide if Tribeca Functional Nutrition is right for you.

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